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Photo By Fred - The Movie

I am working to create a movie of all of the pictures that have been shown on this site, shown in succession in a "flip book" style presentation. With an average display time of 1/3 second per image, the movie is already going to be more than 25 minutes long!

As the project progresses, this page will have more info about the effort, so be sure to check back from time to time. Once I have the blogroll in place with news of the latest events, you will be able to subscribe to the progress reports and get them automatically.


I'm writing a Kickstarter proposal to underwrite production of the movie. Given a successful fund drive, I would expect to have the movie finished approximately 3-4 months after the Kickstarter campaign closes. I'm planning to offer the following benefits for the specified pledge amounts:

Pledge (US$) Benefit
1.00 notice of YouTube publication of the movie
5.00 digital download of the complete PhotoByFred image collection (an archive containing all of the photos that have been displayed, as shown on the site at 1024x768 resolution)
10.00 digital download of completed movie
15.00 CD delivery of the Photo By Fred collection (as described above for the $5 pledge level)
20.00 DVD delivery of the completed movie
30.00 the CD collection plus the DVD movie release
100.00 your name on this Web page and credits sponsor lists
500.00 your name on the front Web page sponsor list, plus priority listing in the credits
1000.00 your name and company logo on the front Web page sponsor list, plus priority listing in the credits, with your logo
5000.00 one minute logo overlay in the finished movie: All of the photos displayed on this site have had the Photo By Fred logo and copyright notice displayed in either the upper left, lower left or upper right corner of the image: The lower right corner has always been reserved for display of sponsor logos. This is where your logo would be displayed in the finished movie.

I'm also open to working with an "executive producer" willing to fund either all or a substantial portion of the development effort, in return for prominently positioned credits, and other advertising benefits that may be negotiated.

Get Notified

If you would like to know when the Kickstarter is ready, if you would like to make special arrangements (e.g., be the executive producer), or if you have any comments, please use this form to send me a message. (Relevant entries here will only be used to contact you re. the Kickstarter project.)

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Sample Photo
Displayed December 27, 2013
Click image for full view
Penny Off In Another World From Dell Court, Lynn, Mass.
Penny Off In Another World From Dell Court, Lynn, Mass.
Sample Photo
Displayed April 4, 2008
Click image for full view
Spring Sunset, Prudential Area, Boston
Spring Sunset, Prudential Area, Boston

Extra Credit

As described on the Home page, the ultimate purpose of this site is to support private space exploration and development (see for details). In return for your support, half of your pledge in a successful Kickstarter campaign will be deposited into an "L5 dollars" account in the your name at The L5 National Bank once that project has been sufficiently developed.


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Featured Photos

Moonlit Snowscape, Harvard, Mass., Picture for December 29, 2007
Click to enter slide show
Moonlit Snowscape, Harvard, Mass.

Moonrise on Christmas Eve 2007 was a spectacular sight: Climbing through scudding clouds, the luminous orb carried an almost magical air into the evening soon after sunset. December's blanket of snow had been rained on earlier in the week, and the arctic air that followed encrusted the landscape in a tough reflective shell of frozen waves and patterns. If you saw the Moon that night, you will surely remember it...

Display Date:   December 29, 2007
Photographer: Fred Koschara
Image Date: December 24, 2007
Camera: Sony F-717
Limited Edition Prints
Winter Sunset Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Picture for February 6, 2008
Click to enter slide show
Winter Sunset Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Display Date:   February 6, 2008
Photographer: Fred Koschara
Image Date: January 30, 2008
Camera: Sony F-717
Limited Edition Prints
April Weather, Boylston Street, Picture for October 27, 2004
Click to enter slide show
April Weather, Boylston Street
Display Date:
 October 27, 2004
 Fred Koschara
Image Date:
 April 14, 2004
 Sony F-717
Limited Edition Prints