Ambuscade Re-enactors Firing Salute, Boyd & Parker Park

During the US Revolutionary War, the westernmost battle of the Revolution took place in what would become Groveland, Livingston County, New York when the rebel party led by Lt. Thomas Boyd and Sgt. Michael Parker was captured by Tories and their Seneca allies on Sept. 13, 1779. Boyd and Parker were removed to a distance by the natives, and tortured to their deaths on Sept. 14. "The Big Tree" - a large burr oak in excess of 250 years old where Boyd was tortured - still stands in the park dedicated in memory of the young soldiers.

This photo was taken at the Boyd and Parker Memorial Park in Leicester during the 225th anniversary re-enactment in 2004.

Display Date:   September 14, 2012
Photographer: Fred Koschara
Image Date: September 11, 2004
Camera: Sony F-717
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